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"Previous" button (rewind icon) doesn't work as expected

edited July 2007 in FlexTime
The "Previous" button has a rewind icon, and as such I expect it to take me back to the most recent activity boundary. I use FlexTime exclusively for a Merlin Mann 10+2 routine, and my main interaction with FlexTime is when I return to my computer and want to restart the 10-minute work session.

If that's not what the "Previous" button is supposed to do, please tell me about (or add) a button that does work that way.

I'm also not sure why "Reset" (with the rewind-to-beginning icon) *stops* the routine. Why not just rewind to the beginning and have a separate stop button? Or relabel/change the icon for "Reset" to be more accurate?

Ryan Platte


  • Hi Ryan - good points. The "Previous" button right now does literally what it says, switches you to the *previous* item in the list. I can totally see how it would be useful for it to go to the beginning of the current activity, at least if the current activity is more than some small amount of the way in (like less than a second). I think this would then behave in the familiar way that we know from CD Players and such.

    The "Reset shouldn't stop the routine" thing is a bug that I have on the drawing board for fixing. Sorry for the inconvenience while some of the kinks are ironed out. The product is still pretty young so it has a lot of room to grow :)

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