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img tags: title versus alt

edited May 2013 in MarsEdit
When I add an image to a post with the MarsEdit Media Manager, it sets the "alt" attribute to the text I enter into the Media Manager dialog, and it sets the "title" attribute to the filename.

Browsers show the image's title as the mouseover tooltip, not the alt text. But the filename isn't a very useful tooltip, whereas the alt text might be useful. So I'd prefer that the Media Manager either doesn't set the title attribute, or sets it to the same value as the "alt" text.

What do others think? Is there a MarsEdit preference I don't know about for changing this behavior?


  • Accepted Answer
    Hi - I will consider the possibility of changing the default behavior in the future. In the mean time you can customize this by opening and editing the specific "Style" macros that are used when inserting an image. Choose "Customize" from the bottom of the Style popup that includes e.g. Unaligned, Align Left, etc. You can change them to use the same placeholder text for title as is used for alt text, for example.
  • Oh neat, thanks.
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