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WYSIWYG Formatting in Rich Text to Wordpress

edited May 2013 in MarsEdit
When I download posts from my Wordpress blog, the alignment of the pix with the text is off most of the time. What I see in the Wordpress editor is pic, text, pic, text, etc... The same in Wordpress preview. In MarsEdit I see pic with the first line of the text overlapping the bottom row of the picture, the rest of the paragraph, next pic, text overlapping, etc... In preview for the web things look fine but I'd like the editor to match so WISIWIG. Suggestions?


  • Hi there - unfortunately it might be a situation where the raw HTML you are sending up to the blog does render the way MarsEdit shows it in the editor, until and unless the preview rendering happens. Did you make some changes to MarsEdit's preview template to reflect your blog's styles?

    Unfortunately there isn't currently a way to style the display of things in the editor portion of MarsEdit, only in the preview window. This is because the editor is intended to be a pure HTML viewer, and not something that interpret the HTML in the context of where the HTML might be going and how it might be rendered once it gets there. In the future I might change this approach.
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