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Can't get former posts to download or new posts to upload!

edited June 2013 in MarsEdit
We just moved to Ethiopia and the internet where we live is very slow/spotty. I purchased MarsEdit to build posts offline and upload them with ease when we have access to fast enough internet. We have a blogger account and we use the Google Data Protocol for the System API. Yet for some reason there are the series of failures I get when trying to accomplish various tasks:

When Refreshing for resent posts:
"Can’t get recent posts for Treasures in Jars of Clay because the server reported an error: Invalid blog id specified."

When sending a post to blog:
"Can’t post for Treasures in Jars of Clay because the server reported an error: Invalid blog id specified."

I have automatically detected the settings from our Homepage URL when setting things up...but these errors keep occurring. Could this have something to do with where we live?


  • Hi there - I'm guessing these are Blogger-based blogs. Unfortunately something changed recently with Blogger and auto-configuration is no longer working as expected. You can manually fix the settings in MarsEdit to alleviate the problem:

    To open the blog settings in MarsEdit, open the Main Window, and find your blog in the list on the left side of the window. Double-click the blog icon to open the settings window. Then change the "API Endpoint URL" setting and "Blog ID" setting for your blog to:

    API Endpoint URL:[YourBlogID]/posts/default
    Blog ID: [YourBlogID]

    In this case because your blog has already been setup with "the wrong" ID, the [YourBlogID] part in the settings above should be the numeric part BEFORE the & in the existing setting. E.g. if the blog settings were currently:



    Then you would want to change them to just:



    (Obviously, make sure to use the right number for [YourBlogID]).

    Click OK and then "Refresh" the blog. It should work correctly now.

    I'm working on a fix for this in the next update to MarsEdit.

  • Thanks so much! The old posts came in fine, but when running a new post the picture did not show up...what can I do to fix this problem?
  • Hi again - what do you mean exactly when you say the picture didn't show up? Did it show a "missing image" for the picture? Are you able to log in to and see if you have any photo albums there? That's where MarsEdit uploads images for your Google blog.
  • So I can't just pull in a picture from iPhoto and have it upload to my blog in the post I build with MarsEdit? I don't think I have a Picasa account. Does this mean I have to be on line and upload pictures to another server before I can build my post offline? My hope was that I could just build my post entirely offline and only have to go online for a brief bit to publish it to my blog?
  • You probably have a Picasa account implicitly because of your use of Blogger. Google owns both and uses Picasa behind the scenes for storing photos. Unfortunately Google doesn't provide a way of uploading photos directly "to the blog" but by uploading to Picasa MarsEdit closely mimics it.

    You don't need to be online to attach an image to a post in MarsEdit. It will upload to the blog (in this case, Picasa) as part of the process of uploading blog post.

    Can you tell me again exactly what is going wrong when you try to insert an image and upload it to your blog? Is it failing with a specific error message? You said before that the image doesn't show up but I'm wondering where exactly it's not showing up? Is that in MarsEdit or on the published blog post?

  • I'm sorry...I tested things again and the picture appears to have gone through correctly :) I even re-sized it as I did the first time and things went through just fine! I guess it may have been my internet connection the first time. Thanks for following up with me on thi
  • Sure, just let me know if you run into any other problems!
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