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MarsEdit and Latest WP 3.5.2

edited June 2013 in MarsEdit
I'm now getting 400 errors on trying to upload my blog at

The situation seems to be getting worse, for sometime I was able to upload only text and then add images with the WP Media Library. Now, even straight text seems to be a problem.

There is no longer a switch to turn XLRMP on and off.

I'm hoping to upload a list of text and images. Wonder if file size could cause some issues?

Keith - Gr8WhiteNorth


  • Small followup: I tried setting up a new blog with the above address. No difference, other than the icon seems to be a figure icon rather than a box icon. Existing stuff imported in fine
  • OK, I figured it out. My account had a php security module that was blocking the calls to my blogs. Once that was removed, everything works as it should. I can post muliple images and items to the same digest.

  • Hi Keith - sorry it took me a while to follow up on your questions, but I'm glad to hear that in the mean time you figured out the problem!
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