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Uploading multiple photos as part of a single photo post.

edited July 2013 in MarsEdit
I am seeking assistance on how to load multiple images as part of the same post. I can do this in Tumblr but have not been able to do so from MarsEdit. I am using an evaluation copy v3.5.9 (5514). Here is an example of the kind of post I am talking about:
Thanks and regards, Grant


  • Hi Grant - I got your email inquiry as well, but to reiterate what I said there for the benefit of any other readers:

    This limitation is based on a shortcoming of Tumblr's API. In particular, they offer no means of uploading an "arbitrary image" apart from a "Photo" post. This is something, you probably know, they support in their web-based UI. I have asked them for support in the API, but so far no luck.

    It couldn't hurt to drop them a line at and ask them to "support uploading arbitrary image files via the API for insertion in text posts."

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