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Custom "Formatting Macros" in "Edit Rich text" modus?

When changing to "Edit Rich text" the custom "Formatting Macros" i have made for H1, H2, H3, H4,Paragraph, "Block Quote" and "Preformatted" stops to work.

They work correctly when using "Edit HTML text" modus.

Is it possible to using shortcut keys like in MS Word when editing in "Edit HTML text" modus?


  • Hi - can you tell me exactly how they stop working? Do they become greyed out? Or do they just not achieve the desired impact on Rich Text as you were hoping?

    In Rich Text mode you may need to select the text you want to "wrap" with your custom HTML. I think there are some issues with entering HTML with no content already in it. A workaround in the short term may be to have your custom macros include e.g. a simple   character so that there is something there to edit in Rich Text mode.

    Let me know if this helps at all, or if it doesn't, more specifically how the macros are not working. Thanks!

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