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Print from editor

edited August 2013 in MarsEdit
I occasionally have to print a hard copy from the Mars Edit editor. What I get is Lucida Sans, aboutb 10pt. How can I change the size and font for printing


  • Hi there - unfortunately the print functionality is currently hardcoded to use the font it does. However, if you print the Preview window instead of the editor document, it will print using the style as shown in the preview window. Perhaps you could use this trick to customize your preview window so that it displays in a manner more suitable for printing?
  • Thanks for Preview window suggestion.
    Perhaps some format flexibility of the editor document's print outputbcould be incorporated into a future release?
  • Yes - I think it would be a good idea for example if the editor document's print function respecte the display font for the editor (which is customizable in Preferences). It's on my list for future improvments. Thanks!
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