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Feature enhancement suggestions - Media Manager

edited August 2013 in MarsEdit
I have a couple of feature suggestion for the Media Manager tool in MarsEdit. First, can you add a text box to set the title of the image in the HTML string you create? I can set the Alt Text, but the default title is the filename. I'd rather make a real title for the image. Second, it seems that by default the image HTML is defaulting the style of the image to float. Can you add another entry on the media manager to give us control over how the image is being placed in the HTML? I don't want the image to float in my postings so I have to manually fix them after I enter them into the posting.

Other than that, this is a great tool and I really like using it to manage my blogs.


  • Hi Michael - thanks for the suggestions. I agree more control, in general, over the parameters of images should be included by default.

    You can probably make some tweaks yourself that will help in the mean time, thanks to MarsEdit's customizable "media macros." You can customize and/or add new style macros from the Media Manager, where you select the e.g. "Align Left" etc. Incidentally this is where the behavior such as float HTML tags are held, as well.

    Select Customize... from the bottom of the style popup and you can add a new item e.g. with different HTML markup from the default built-in macros.

    Another cool trick here is you can even add placeholders just like the formatting macros that are used in the main editor. So for example if you had a macro with HTML content:

    <img src=\"#fileurl#\" title=\"#asktext Enter a title:#\" >

    Then every time you use that style to insert an image into a post, it will prompt you for the desired title to build into the HTML.

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