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Having An Issue Embedding Youtube videos on Marsedit 3 using OS X Mountain Lion on Mac

edited September 2013 in MarsEdit
Hi my names Ian and I am new here.

I've been using Marsedit for ages on my old mac air book, which is running an old version of snow leopard.

Anyway because I was running into the issue of wanting a computer for work and a computer for play. I upgraded to to new system running OS X Mountain Lion and have just put my copy of marsedit on their and written a couple of blog entries to my site, which is

Anyway here's the rub.

For some annoying reason every time I enter the
command and stick the youtube embed code in the middle of it to run on the site. It shows up as code when I preview through marsedit and such and also on the main site as well. Whereas on my other machine, which is running an older OS it still works fine, which is all when and dandy, but I would like it to work as well on this machine.

So would any of you have any suggestions about what is going wrong because its beginning to frustrate me. I only really know enough to do blog entries and am not overly computer literate as in am not a coder or anything fancy in that regard. So you may have to dumb your answers down a little for me.

But any help is appreciated.




  • Hi Ian - is it possible you've configured the Mac on your newer machine to use "Rich Text" mode where the older one is using HTML Text mode? If you're in RIch Text mode, the pasted embed code will just be treated as text by default. To paste it as code try "Edit" -> "Paste HTML Source" from the menu bar.

    If you prefer the HTML Text editing mode you can select Post -> Edit HTML Text. Or if you want to default to always editing in HTML Text mode you can change the setting in MarsEdit's preferences.

  • Hi Daniel.

    Thanks. I will give that a try.

    Basically when I downloaded it on this new machine and entered my license and everything. I pretty much expected it all to work normal. Like you do.

    Hopefully you advice will help me sort it out.

    I mean if I have done what you say. Its still possible to change the config right?
  • Hi Daniel,

    You hit the nail on the head. I had it configured wrong.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Glad to hear you have it sorted out! Let me know if I can help with anything else.
  • Hi Daniel

    I know this thread is a month and a half old but I seem to be having the same problem as IanSciFi. I'm on the 30 day trial to test if it's right for me and like Mars Edit a lot but I think since updating to Mavericks whenever I insert a picture through the media browser or embed code for a video etc in the HTML text editing section of Mars Edit, it pushes to my wordpress site and gets converted into text. I set HTML edit view as the default like you suggest above, but that didn't help. It seems like when I create a new post from scratch and preview it in Mars Edit before uploading everything's fine, but after uploading it's just a strange textified version of the HTML behind what I posted in both my WP environment and then on Mars Edit! Yet for some reason with photos they upload and end up in the gallery. Please let me know what I might do to fix this, was digging the platform for the few posts I tried before upgrading my OS.

  • Hi Eric - sorry for the delay in responding. When you say the content is "converted into text" does it appear as though the "<" and ">" characters are removed from the tags? So e.g.

    becomes just "p"?

    This kind of HTML tag corruption is the tell-tale sign of a well known but unfortunately wide-spread server configuration problem. Your server administrator needs to update the libxml and php libraries on the server:

    Once the libraries are fixed on the server the bracket stripping problem should clear right up! In the event that your server administrators are not willing to fix the problem on their servers, you may be able to work around the problem by installing a special WordPress plugin designed to help with the problem:


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