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Feature Request: Configureable location for DRAFTS folder

edited October 2013 in MarsEdit
Would like to propose the following scenario:
1) User has multiple machines (iMac, Macbook Air, Mac Mini) would like to have one experience for Mars Edit across all platforms.
2) Be able to configure M.E. to be able to store the DRAFTS folder or key back end data (plists, db's, file stores, etc) into a place where it can be accessed across multiple platforms (EG: iCloud, Dropbox, BOX, Transporter, etc). Default would be the local machine, options would be to move it to "synch storage" area.
3) User is able to then move across platforms, (using same AppleID for store purposes), and access M.E. and data from any platform.

Optional: Would this configuration allow for future IOS ports of the app now that the data would be more remotely stored?

Thanks in advance for the thoughts.

Mike Martin


  • Alternatively - Is there any way to export / back up -- then reimport content from a Mars Edit instance?

    -- Mike
  • Hi Mike - these are all good thoughts. As it stands now, the files in MarsEdit's "Application Support" folder encompass all of its drafts, as well as other data pertinent to the app. Currently MarsEdit doesn't have any official support for DropBox or other syncing solutions, but supporting it officially is something I would like to do at some point.

    Some customers have had good luck setting up syncing on their own. I think there are a few gotchas but a guide like this might help if you want to try it:

    As far as the question about backing up, there usn't any official support for this, but essentially you can backup MarsEdit's data simply by backing up its Application Support folder:

    [Home] -> Library -> Application Support -> MarsEdit

    Note: If you are running on OS X Lion 10.7 or later, you can get to the "Library" folder by holding the option key while selecting Go -> Library from the Finder's menu bar.

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