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#sourceName# does not work in the Bookmarklet

edited January 2014 in MarsEdit
I'm using the bookmarklet you provided.

However, the #sourceName# is not working. It displays correctly in Preferences-->Quick Posts.

But when I actually run the "Post with MarsEdit" bookmarklet, it's blank.

Thanks for your help. Love this feature!



  • Hi Dale - the #sourceName# unfortunately only works when posting from an app such as NetNewsWire. The bookmarklet doesn't have any way of reliably determining the source name, because it's not explicitly advertised in a standard way by web sites.

    That said, I could probably enhance the bookmarklet to try to guess the source name, but it could be a challenge to do so reliably for a wide variety of sites. Consider for example the challenge of figuring out automatically that a bookmarklet post from this page should have as the title "#sourceName# does not work in the Bookmarklet" but the source name should be "Red Sweater Forums." It's not standardized and for some sites, there may not even be a meaningful "Source Name" available.

    In short: I recommend editing the template in Preferences to remove the source name if you are mainly going to be using the bookmarklet to generate quick posts. Alternatively you might want to try your hand at editing a custom version of the bookmarklet to supply a source name. Finally, it's on my todo list to enhance the bookmarklet to do something more appropriate that it does now.

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