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Wordpress Featured Image

edited February 2014 in MarsEdit

I just paid £21 for MarsEdit and found out that featured image support is missing in marsedit.......

Are you actually doing something with that? This feature is used by bloggers all the time.

It turns out that I spend so much on this blogging app and still use WP admin through the browser to post my posts......insane.

I'm sorry for moaning but will this be included at some point?

Even blogsy for iPad has got this feature...what's going on?



  • edited February 2014 Accepted Answer
    Hi Artur - sorry for the disappointment. I am happy to offer you a refund if you purchased from me, or to give you guidance on getting a refund from Apple.

    It is on my TODO list but naturally I understand that doesn't help you now.

    Some folks have come up with work arounds that involve e.g. installing a custom plugin on the WordPress end to interpret either the first image in the post as featured, or to allow specifying the featured image with a kind of special coded markup in the post.

    Here's an example of such a plugin, though I haven't tested it myself:

    Please follow up with me directly via email ( if you would like to get a refund. I'm sorry again about the disappointment.

  • (As for "what's going on" - I don't have much to say except MarsEdit is a complex application and there are many features I'm hoping to add but they all take time and careful consideration. My main priority has always been on keeping MarsEdit working well for existing customers and expanding its functionality as much as I can as time goes on.)
  • Daniel,

    Thanks for reply. I'll keep my MarsEdit app for now. I'm glad that you can actually issue a refund. It's a perfect application but with few things missing.

    If you implement featured image option in the future version of MarsEdit, would it still be just a simple update to the current version, or you plan to issue next "big version" number which would require extra cost for upgrading?

    Can MarsEdit actually access all media files uploaded to blog already in order to edit/delete it?


  • Hi Artur - I am not sure yet whether support for featured images will make it into the current version or whether it will be part of a future paid version.

    MarsEdit unfortunately cannot yet access all the files already uploaded to the blog. This is another item on my TODO list.
  • I'm horrified to learn that this is missing. It's such a basic and important part of WordPress that I didn't event check for it. I purchased this in the hope of being able to compose content offline, but the lack of this feature has made MarsEdit much less valuable. Anyone who tracks stats will quickly realize that it's the featured image that prompts people to click.

    I implore you, please add Featured Image as soon as possible, and please included it as a free update because for a premium product, it really should have been there from Version 2.0.
  • edited April 2014
    Hi Jeff - I'm sorry you were taken by surprise by the missing feature. Rest assured I would like to see you get a full refund for your purchase if it doesn't meet your needs. Drop me a line so I can make sure things are made right.

    (For what it's worth, I don't believe the feature could have "been there from Version 2.0" because when MarsEdit 2.0 came out, I don't think WordPress had a "Featured Image" feature.)
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