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Markdown in posts

edited February 2014 in MarsEdit
MarsEdit seems to convert Markdown to HTML.

I'd very much like MarsEdit to keep the Markdown and let my blog (WordPress powered private web site) do the conversion.

Is that possible? Will it be?

Thank you!


  • Hi there - the default behavior in MarsEdit is not to convert Markdown to HTML when publishing. It only converts from Markdown to HTML if you either:

    1. Switch the post editor to Rich Text mode. It applies the default preview filter (presumably Markdown) to convert the markup into HTML for the rich editor.

    2. Have the blog publishing option set to "Apply preview filter to content" when publishing. This applies the same default preview filter before publishing, even if you have not switched to Rich Text mode.

    Are you sure the conversion from Markdown to HTML is not occurring on your blog after it is published? Is it possible the Markdown plugin you are using on your WordPress blog does not preserve the original HTML?

  • Blogging very little I would appreciate if there would be an indicator that HTML should be used for Markdown. This is especially important when I am asked for the fist time what formatting to use.
  • Hum, same here. I write in Markdown, post to WordPress, and get HTML in WordPress. Even paragraph-tags are added. I am using Jetpack's markdown-module...
  • Hi schaefera and mkalina - it's complicated because MarsEdit or WordPress could be converting the Markdown to HTML. If MarsEdit is doing it, it's because of the setting mentioned above "Apply preview filter to content." If you're using Jetpack I think the way they handle it is to permanently convert the content to HTML. You'd have to switch the plugin to something else like PHP Markdown to avoid that.
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