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Jump to next clue containing a blank?

edited April 2014 in Black Ink
I've been enjoying Black Ink for years, and have recently started doing a lot of solving on my Android phone (with the Standalone Crosswords app). One feature that that app has that I really like and now miss when using Black ink is preference to make the default for any "jump to next clue" action (eg TAB) jump to the next clue that still has a blank in it. It makes it easy to quickly move around to the parts of the puzzle that aren't finished without having to pass through the finished areas. Any chance of adding that as an option?


  • Hi - thanks for the feedback! I just want to make sure I understand the specific behavior you're hoping for, because there are a number of preferences in Black Ink controlling where focus goes after certain actions, and it might be possible to get what you're looking for with the current Black Ink.

    For example, I wonder if the preference in Black Ink, under "Solving" to "Move to blank after changing words" would do what you're looking for? Whenever you "jump to next clue" you would typically be changing word focus too, so I think this might do the trick.
  • That's not quite it. That means that when I get to the right clue, it pops to the right letter in the word.

    But let's say I'm 80% done a puzzle. I have have some empty blobs in two corners, and a random letter here and there. It's really nice to be able to hit a key that skips past all the completed clues in the middle and hones directly in on the next clue that has any empty square.
  • Oh yes - I see what you mean. The current setting only jumps to the next letter in the current word, right? I like the idea you're proposing. I'll add it to my list.
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