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New NYT puzzle format (April '14).

edited April 2014 in Black Ink
The updated puzzle format has a few issues. Automatic retrieving may require a new URL or other fix. Punctuation now isn't showing up properly, though this may be their fault.

Also since the following day's puzzles are available at 10 pm eastern time, I was wondering if there could be a way to access them during those couple hours through Black Ink. Up 'til now, I've either been going to their web page and renaming and moving each of the files; or, I temporarily change the time zone ahead and back. The latter option is a bit easier, but I'm not sure if I'm causing any other issues.


  • Hi AJ - thanks for the feedback. Is there something specific about a new puzzle format from NYT that I should know? I wasn't aware of any change.

    I have noticed some complaints here and there about punctuation issues that did seem to be based in problems at NYT's end.

    Finally, there's an issue in Black Ink 1.6 that prevents the app from downloading premium NYT puzzles automatically. It turns out the new security limitations Apple is requiring of apps in the App Store prevents Black Ink from "sharing" the same permissions that Safari has from the New York Times web page to download the premium puzzles. For the next update to Black Ink I'll be adding a better solution which will actually prompt you within Black Ink to log in to the NY Times Premium puzzle account, so Black Ink can download the puzzles.

    If you want to try a pre-release version of the next release, I'd be happy to have your feedback about how it works for downloading the premium puzzles!

  • Oh, and thanks for the point about wanting to be able to download the "next" puzzle when it comes out a bit early. I'll see about whether I can efficiently build in support for this kind of thing in a future update.
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