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MarsEdit: Duplicate image attachment uploads to Wordpress

edited April 2014 in MarsEdit
Hey Guys,

We're using MarsEdit 3.6.3 and we're having a problem with duplicate image uploads after publishing posts from ME to Wordpress. Our site is hosted on PressLabs.

Once a post is published, images are seen as being uploaded twice in our media gallery. One image is seen in the image library as linked to the appropriate post, while the second image shows the label "unattached".

Any ideas? It's been happening for a while but just tackling this now. Thanks.


  • Hi there - my best guess is something may be going on with a plugin installed on the WordPress blog. Is this a self-hosted WordPress blog with any plugins installed? If possible I would experiment with disabling plugins for a short period, then testing an upload from MarsEdit and see if the same issue occurs.
  • Hi Daniel,

    Yes it's self hosted. We'll try to look into it...

    Another issue we found today was MarsEdit also publishing multiple duplicate stories to the site too (however only 1 tweet went out) Have you ever heard of this happening?
  • If by duplicate stories, you mean duplicate blog entries (e.g. each has a different post ID in WordPress?), then I think it must be something to do with plugins you have installed, or something else amiss in the WordPress installation. MarsEdit is pretty straightforward when it comes to submitting a post to a blog, it just asks the blog to create the new entry. Sorry I can't be of more help, but if you want to delve into more details it might be easier to contact via so I can keep on top of it!
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