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Text Filter under Server Options

edited September 2014 in MarsEdit
Another quick question, I'm trying some test posts and am looking at posting in Markdown, I've looked at a couple of YouTube videos of people using this and in MarsEdit, under "Server Options" and "Text Filter" they select "Markdown" now I don't have any options on mine, is there something I need to install or setup?
I'm using WordPress and have installed a WP-Markdown plugin, but still nothing?
Any ideas...




  • Hi again Paul - the "Server Options" is the key there. It will only show text filters that the server is aware of and knows how to select from among. This generally only applies to systems like e.g. Tumblr that make a point of supporting more than one format of posts. In the case of WordPress with a plugin installed usually it just means that it will assume all posts might include Markdown. So you don't need to explictily select Markdown from a "Server Options" setting ... if you have the right plugin installed on WP it should just work if you type Markdown from MarsEdit's HTML Text editing mode.
  • Hi Daniel,

    Okay that's great, thank you for that, I've since been trying out some sample posts using it as you mention and it works great, again I thought I must have missed something obvious in some settings. :)
  • Accepted Answer
    There is a lot in MarsEdit to work your head around :) Let me know if anything else comes up.
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