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Alternate sounds for FlexTime?

edited November 2007 in FlexTime
Is there a way to add sounds to FlexTime? I love the app, but I really want a struck bowl sound rather than all of the little beeps and peeps that come with the default install.


  • Ah - the meditation use! Yeah, in fact I've been meaning to add a bowl chime sound to FlexTime since this is so common.

    What you have to do for the time being is put the sound in your System Beeps sounds folder:

    [Home] -> Library -> Sounds

    Now it will show up in FlexTime and you can use it in your routines.

  • OK, now I know how to add sounds, but how can I get them to play all the way through? I have a nice Tibetan Bell MP3, but FlexTime only plays the first little bit of it and I find the clipping at the end quite distracting.
  • The only way to be sure of it playing all the way through is to give the activity it's playing in a good long time.

    For instance, if the sound is 1 minute long, then make sure the activity it's playing in is at least 1 minute long, and then make the sound the "Starting" cue for that activity.
  • The sound is five seconds and I've fiddled with the interface a bit - got it doing what I want. This is very, very, very nice :-)
  • Cool! Glad it's working out for you.
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