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Audio sent to iTunes

edited January 2007 in FlexTime

Love the application, and it just keeps getting better. Just thought I'd report something. When I send audio to iTunes, if the last routine has a sound playing at the finish iTunes doesn't play it.

I've tested with two different routines. I've found the workaround of just adding another 1 second routine at the end.


  • Hi zenrain! Thanks for the feedback. I guess FlexTime has a more concrete sense of the routine's ending when it's putting it into audio, huh?

    In some sense I think the routine should end abruptly, in case it's rhythmic and is being repeated in iTunes or something. But then again, if the routine has a sound at the very end, then maybe it's reasonable to assume that it's not a rhythmic repeating routine?

  • Not sure about the rhythmic repeating routine. For one of them, that's right, it's a 20 minute time with a ping at the end and then it's finished. For that, I just added another routine with no sounds at the beginning or end, and it worked just peachy.

    The other one is a stretching routine, so it's a 30 second routine with a ping at the end to signify that position is done, and a 7 second routine to allow me to change to another stretch and ping at the end for the start of the next stretch. This is repeating, so I set it to repeat one in iTunes before I play it.
    I modified that to play the ping at the beginning of the 30 second routine, and a ping at the beginning of the 7 second routine, which resolved it.

    Anyway, perhaps more of an explanation than you wanted. :D

    Another quick question. Do you have any sample scripts for flextime? Didn't see any in the forum or on the site, but I just wanted to get some idea's on what they would be used for.
  • I don't really have any scripting examples at hand aside from this one I blogged about:

    In general I think the usefulness of scripting with FlexTime is in programatically creating a routine like that one does, or in automatically starting/stopping one or more FlexTime routines at the same time.

    Hope this helps!
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