Powerful script management utility.

Instant access to your scripts, by keyboard shortcut or menubar.

Download FastScripts 2.6.8

Requires Mac OS X 10.6. Works great with later releases, too.
Release notes.

Free for 10 keyboard shortcuts. $9.95 for unlimited.

Feature Overview

Powerful Keyboard Shortcuts

Global or application-specific control at the tip of your fingers. You'll spend less time mousing and more time doing.

Smart Context Switching

Avoid disruptive switches. Time-saving scripts run in the current application's context.

Wait, There's More...

Still curious about what FastScripts has to offer? Read more on the detailed features page.

Enhanced Script Menu

An upgrade to the Apple Script Menu - a familiar design with many usability improvements and a refined UI.

Scripting Language Agnostic

AppleScript, Perl, Automator workflows, even applications or documents are recognized and handled by FastScripts.