Applescript Support for QP Custom Fields
  • I love the new MarsEdit Custom Fields and want to use them in my workflow with my WordPress blog but I don't seem to see any support for AppleScript using the new Custom Fields. Is it possible to access posting to the custom fields in MarsEdit 3.x using AppleScript?
  • Looks like I neglected to expose these through AppleScript for the 3.0 release. I want to keep the AppleScript support up-to-date so I'll be looking into bringing custom fields support to it soon. Thanks for pointing this out!

  • Thx - I look forward to it!
  • Has this been added yet - am I missing it - or is it stil not in 3.0.2 release?
  • Hasn't been added yet, sorry! It's still on the list.
  • Still not in 3.0.4? Looking around, dont' see it.

    Love the custom fields. Applescript support would be killer!
  • Sorry - not yet. I have had a lot going on lately. Hopefully productivity will swing back up soon after I finish a family move.
  • Is this still on the list?
  • Any progress on this yet?
  • bluehz: sorry, I have no progress to report. Lots of features and fixes are always vying for my attention. It doesn't mean I've given up on implementing things though.
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