Wish List Item
  • That the Web Puzzle Chooser Window would permit multiple selections.
  • Thanks, good idea. I plan to do some serious overhaul to the puzzle chooser at some point. Will add this to the ideas list!
  • Hello Daniel.. I was wondering when we can have the multiple selection available? I understand you were planning to do this some time in the future. Just would like to get possible updates, if any? Thank you casino bonus
  • Hi Gary - I have to admit that this hasn't been a major priority because most people seem pretty happy with it as-is. But I still am hoping to do a major renovation at some point, and this idea is still on the list for enhancements.
  • I don't want to create a new thread, but I also don't know whether this thread addresses the feature I wish to have either.

    Having the opportunity to choose from multiple selections mean that I get to choose from a list of puzzles instead of doing the most recently published? If yes, then I'm adding my support to this idea as well.
  • Hi - thanks for the feedback. It's not exactly covered by this thread but I agree that some kind of ability to access previous puzzles from the newest one would help a lot.
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