No Post Date with Google Data Protocol 2.0?
  • I'm trying out MarsEdit with my Blogger blog, and I really like it. However, I had to switch to using the Google Data Protocol 2.0 to get my line breaks to work properly, and now I can't edit the Post Date or Draft/Published status on the posts. Help!

    Using MarsEdit 3.1.2, if that helps.
  • Thanks, Mike. Things like this are why I put off making the Google Data Protocol default. It's just an oversight on my part, and I am going to try to fix it in the next minor update.

    If you notice anything else funky about the Google Data setup, let me know.
  • Mike - thanks for bringing this to my attention. I've fixed it so you can edit dates now, and also noticed that categories were a little screwed up, and fixed that too.

    Check for Updates from the app, or download directly to get the latest:
  • Thanks - I'll download it tonight and give it a try.
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