Controlling where Tumblr Posts are relayed
  • I'm trying to figure out if there are ways to use MarsEdit to manage a couple of tumblr blogs I run for clients. The thing is, I'd like to be able to schedule out posts to go on a delay, and I'd also like to control whether or not a post is relayed to the company's twitter feed or facebook page. Both can be done via the twitter webpage, but I'm greedy...I'd like an all-in-one client for the WP blogs I also run.

    Is the tumblr API keeping this close to their chests as well as the photo issue?
  • Hi there - I think some of this would technically be possible with the API, but other stuff not. The scheduling aspect, to put posts out on a delay, should be possible now just by choosing to set a date on the post in the future before publishing it. The choice of whether to send a note to the Twitter feed is something I could add I think but I don't know if the API supports controlling whether it goes to Facebook too.

    In short: I don't think you can achieve everything now but there is some hope for improvements in these areas in the future with MarsEdit.
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