Number of new posts to download
  • Hi there- Marsedit only seems to download 25 postings from blogger, no matter how high I set the number in the box 'Number of posts to download'. Is there some setting that needs to be changed in blogger, or is this an issue with MarsEdit?

    Thanks for your help- raj
  • Hmm - this is a good question. Since Blogger uses the Atom format for its system, it doesn't really have the same strict "number of posts to fetch" rules that something like WordPress has. So I basically just ask Blogger for "the posts" and it gives me whatever it wants to.

    However, there is a provision for asking for "more" so as long as Blogger supports that I should be able to change MarsEdit so it keeps asking until the "number of posts" has been downloaded or until there are no more.

    I will look into this, but for the moment, there is nothing in MarsEdit to do about this. I'm not sure if there's a setting you can change on Blogger to make the default number that is sent higher.

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