Tumblr photo posts
  • I was wondering if I am doing something wrong when using my Tumblr account to post pictures through MarsEdit. I know in a previous app I used allowed you to post up to 10 pictures at once like Tumblr does. When I use command and click multiple pictures MarsEdit only allows one picture. I apologize if this question has already been answered under another category but again I am still learning how to use MarsEdit.
  • Hi there - sorry to confirm the bad news that MarsEdit currently only supports one image for Photo posts. There has been a bit of a disconnect between Tumblr and MarsEdit with respect to how images are handled. Generally for other blogs MarsEdit expects to be able to upload multiple images as needed within the content of a post. For Tumblr that's not possible, and to make things worse MarsEdit's Tumblr support was added at a time when only one image could be added per "Photo" post. I'm hoping to update Tumblr support in MarsEdit in the future to support multiple photos, but I cant make any promises now about when that will happen.
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